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Data Enhanced Virtual Laboratory (DEVL)
Research Data Cloud

All Sky Virtual Observatory (ASVO) - DEVL

Astronomy Australia Limited

Other organisations involved in project: Curtin University, Swinburne University, University of Western Australia and Pawsey

This project is composed of two components: (1) building an ASVO MWA node (major component) and (2) realise phase one of TAO 5.0. The overall goal of MWA project is to reduce the barriers for the community to discover, download and use both public and proprietary data. TAO 5.0 will expand the TAO ASVO node to work across multiple HPC and cloud platforms. It will enable national and international collaborators to host their datasets and custom science modules locally within their own HPC/cloud infrastructure with access through the TAO platform.

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Data Enhanced and User Enhanced Genomics Virtual Lab (BioDEVL) - DEVL

Bioplatforms Australia

Other organisations involved in project; Melbourne Bioinformatics, University of Melbourne; Queensland Cyber Infrastructure Foundation and QFAB Bioinformatics (QCIF); University of Queensland Research Computing Centre (RCC); EMBL-Australia Bioinformatics Resource (EMBL-ABR), which includes nodes at: UNSW Australia, University of Western Australia, University of Adelaide, Australian National University, Metabolomics Australia, University of Tasmania, Australian Genomics Research facility (AGRF), University of Melbourne, Monash University, Southern Cross University, James Cook University); Australian Bioinformatics and Computational Biology Society (ABACBS).

This project aims to provide a “data enhanced” and “user-enhanced” managed GVL service for all researchers in Australia and upskilling the community in the use of this platform. This will offer all Australian bioscience researchers the opportunity to more easily access and apply bioinformatics approaches to their research, without needing to worry about resourcing, deploying, configuring and performing other system administration tasks that currently preclude use by many researchers.

The​ ​Characterisation​ ​Data​ ​Enhanced​ ​Virtual​ ​Laboratory - DEVL

Monash University

Other organisations involved in project: ANSTO, Australian Microscopy and Microanalysis Research Network, National Imaging Facility, University of Queensland, University of Sydney, University of Western Australia, University of Wollongong

The Characterisation DeVL will operate as a matrix model that consists of:

  • A​ ​National​ ​Characterisation​ ​Data​ ​Capability:​ This capability includes infrastructure (data management and data analysis), expertise and FAIR;

  • Domain-focused​ ​Characterisation​ ​Data​ ​Projects:​ F​ocus areas that will uplift specific data-driven areas of need, will demonstrate the application of the broader DeVL in an exemplar field, and will apply existing infrastructure and best practise.

Climate and Weather Data Science - DEVL

National Computational Infrastructure (NCI)

Other organisations involved in project: Bureau of Meteorology, ARC Centre of Excellence in Climate System Science (ARCCSS), ARC Centre of Excellence for Climate Extremes (CLEX), CSIRO, National Environmental Science Programme (NESP) Earth Systems and Climate Change Hub (ESCC)

The project outcomes will support Australia’s role in the World Climate Research Programme (WCRP) Coupled Model Intercomparison Project Phase 6 (CMIP6), a major international research activity underpinning global climate modelling.

The Queensland Cyber Infrastructure Foundation (QCIF)

Other organisations involved in project: ABARES, APFF, ALA, ANU Fenner School, APFF, CSIRO, eRSA, DoEE, Griffith University, TERN


The infrastructure proposed in this project will provide easy access to large volumes of curated data, managed platforms and tools with scalable compute for data analysis, including tools to publish and share the analysis and make data available to multiple applications. This would allow the research community to engage in wider collaboration and enhance information and knowledge sharing. 

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AuScope Virtual Research Environments - DEVL


Other organisations involved in project: CSIRO, National Computational Infrastructure (NCI), Research School of Earth Sciences (RSES) ANU; Adelaide University, University of Tasmania, Curtin University, Melbourne University, University of Sydney, ANSIR Research Facilities for Earth Sounding, Thermochronology and Noble Gas Geochronology and Geochemistry Organisation (TANG3O), Geoscience Australia (GA), State and Territory Geological Surveys.


The DEVL will deliver new data models, vocabularies, QA/QC validation processes, benchmarks and processing software which will be added to support data acquisition from ground field instrument deployments that capture data as time series observations, as well as infrastructure to support the unique identification of geochemistry samples used in academic data acquisition.

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Humanities and Social Science (HASS) - DEVL

eResearch SA Limited

Other organisations involved in project: ANU (ADA), Macquarie University (Alveo), University of Melbourne (AURIN), Griffith University, AARNet.


The HASS DEVL project will ncrease interoperability between existing infrastructure platforms (e.g Alveo), data sets (e.g. TROVE,) and tools through the development of publishable reproducible workflows; improve data infrastructure; develop a HASS workbench and develop tools (e.g. transcription, geocoding); and develop a national HASS skills and training framework.


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Develop/enhance the Marine Virtual Laboratory (MARVL) to provide the information infrastructure in support of the national ocean modelling system - DEVL

University of Tasmania (Australian Ocean Data Network (AODN))

Other organisations involved in project: Bureau of Meteorology Science for Services and Community Forecasts Programs (BoM), CSIRO Oceans & Atmosphere Coastal Modelling Team (CSIRO), National Computational Infrastructure (NCI), South Australia Research and Development Institute (SARDI), Tasmanian Partnership for Advanced Computing (TPAC), University of New South Wales (UNSW), University of Western Australia (UWA), MetOcean Solutions Ltd NZ (MOS).


This project will further develop the MARVL to support the Australian National Shelf-seas Reanalysis (ANSR).

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Building services for Australian marine data discovery - RDC

University of Tasmania

This project will focus on biological data through resolving the flow of data and policy issues from OBIS; further developing and linking marine imagery tools to the Marine Science Cloud virtual environment and further develop  an international data and metadata exchange protocol for biologging.

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